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$ cnpm install findy 
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The handy little cli utility for finding lost files by name.

Findy Example Output

  • [x] Find in subdirectories
  • [x] Regex filepath pattern matching
  • [x] Clickable file links from CLI
  • [x] Files listed by modified date (newest last)
  • [x] Auto-Ignore node_modules and .git dirs
  • [x] Friendly date-time output

See Findy in action: Youtube

Sidenote: To find files by contents, forget grep, use ack


yarn install findy -g

Search Examples

Find All Local

Find all files in the current directory containing the word yarn anywhere in the name:

findy '*yarn*'

Find By Extension

Find all .env and .log files in the current directory:

findy '*.env' '*.log'

Find Recursive

Find all .env files recursively:

findy '**/*.env'


Important: negation requires the use of single-quotes around the search phrase, unless used in an array (see: negative in array).

Find all Markdown files recursively, that are not named

findy '**/*.md' '!**/'

Searching with Sudo

Searching through some files and directories may require elevated permission. Where you see: 'Unhandled rejection Error: EACCES: permission denied', you can use sudo.

Seach for files with elevated permission:

sudo findy '**/*.md'

Current Dir

Important: Findy will still search recursively, but will only show results that match the current directory.

Find any file in the current directory:

findy ''

Containing Word Recursive

To recusively find any .txt file containing the the word notes:

findy '**/*notes*.txt'

Starting with word

To recusrively find any file starting with the the word notes:

findy '**/notes*'

Ending with word

To recusrively find any file ending with the the word notes:

findy '**/*notes.*'

Find This-or-That

To find a Markdown file containing either notes or tasks:

findy '**/*{notes,tasks}*.md'

Negative In Array

To find a anything in the current directory, with foo but not bar:

findy '*{foo,!bar}*'

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