Small project to find records in gpx file.
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$ cnpm install find-my-records 
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Find my records

Small project to find records in gpx file.


I love to run, and to analyze my data after, I'm very frustrated by the lack of options available in strava or garmin-connect apps. So I had a small need few weeks ago, to know what was my best miles on a run, and as I didn't manage to find an app to extract this kind of statistics, I just made one.

This is my first time playing with typescript, so it's also some sort of kata. So I will enjoy some reviewing! I have a long java background, so I guess I'm influenced by it.

How to run

It requires npm and node.

$ npm install -g find-my-records
$ find-my-records [a gpx file]


  • --distances=[dist1],[dist2]... Permits to specify distances for records over hardcoded ones
  • --slow=true Adds some delays in the pipeline, useful for demo with few gpx files

From source

Run locally

$ yarn install
$ ts-node src/index.ts [a gpx file]

Launch the tests

$ yarn test


As it is a kata, I guess I will go for technical improvements, before functional ones.


- Specify the distances, currently they are hardcoded - Take multiple gpx file, find individual records and global ones

  • Display some graphs (GUI, console?) to show records evolution over the time ...


- Use some stream (node?) - Parallelize gpx file analysis - Display records evolution as long as files are parsed (could be a cool stuff ????)

  • Play with electron for the GUI
  • Find some place where I could use some rxjs, just for fun (maybe just remove all the streams, and replace by rx!) ...



  • Manage multiple gpx files using streams
  • Allows distances configuration
  • Dynamic records display while parsing files


  • First version released, basically parse one file and extract the records


MIT © Augustin Peyrard

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