A set of Utility functions for easier RPG Maker MV plugin development.
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$ cnpm install fenix-tools 
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fenix-tools | FeniX Engine Developer Tools

Welcome to the FeniX Engine Developer Tools repository. Here you will find a modular library built for use with RPG Maker MV plugin development.

Fenix Tools is designed with modern ES6 Javascript and is designed to help with common tasks which occur often when developing plugins for RPG Maker MV.


When using a bundler like Webpack or Rollup for bundling plugins, you can ensure you get only what you use in your plugin and not the whole library with it. This makes your plugins self reliant and it won't depend on the entire fenix-tools library to be used.

Getting Started


Skip if you already have NodeJS & npm.



sudo apt-get install nodejs

sudo apt-get install npm


npm install --save fenix-tools


Clone the repository git clone https://gitlab.com/FeniXEngineMV/fenix-tools

And use the bundles library from fenix-tools/dist/fenix-tools.js


Using fenix-tools is a breeze

Notetags And Meta Made Easy

  • Quickly retrieve notetags
    • Supports multiline tags <notes></notes> and normal meta tags <meta:value>
import { getMultiLineTag, getTag, toObject } from 'fenix-tools'

const myNotes = getMultiLineTag($dataWeapons[1].note, 'myTag')
const myTagParameters = toObject(myNotes)

console.log(myTagParameters) // {opt1: value, opt2: value}

File Management

  • Preforms file system tasks with ease and peace of mind.
    • Internet deployment uses Ajax and when playing on a local PC, NodeJS is used.
import { loadJSON } from 'fenix-tools'

// Loads a JSON file and automatically chooses Ajax or Node to perform its task
.then(jsonObject => {
.catch((err) => console.error(err))

Want To Contribute ?

It's really easy to get started with Fenix Tools development

Forking And Cloning

  • Fork the repo to your own account.

  • Clone the repository to a directory on your machine

git clone git@gitlab.com:UserName/plugins.git

For a basic how-to on cloning read this Basic git commands

Install Required Packages

Once cloned, change to the root directory of the project and open the command line/terminal and install the packages required for FeniX plugin development

npm install

Once installation is complete, we use RollupJS to bundle all files.

npm run build

The resulting output after bundling is placed in ./dist/ folder.


While this is open source and credit is not required, it would be appreciated it you linked to FeniX Engine's website or GitLab repository to show support.


All plugins and tools developed for FeniX engine must retain its license information in the header of all plugins and files and must not be removed.


Please read over the Contribution Guide


The MIT License

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