Expose paginated feeds of anything as websocket, webhook or event emitter.
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$ cnpm install feeds 
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This is not production ready in ANY way. I advice waiting for a 0.1.0 release to let it anywhere near your code.


Expose paginated feeds of anything as websocket, webhook or event emitter. Uses redis to store the feed entries references and optionally cache the data. The stored references allow for careless backfilling after downtime or otherwise missed data entries.


Aggregators combine multiple Feeds as a single one. They keep their own log of references while utilizing the existing Feed caches.


The feeds can be consumed in code by using them as EventEmitters. There are some express bindings in feeds/feeds/resource to query with various pagination methods. It's also trivial to set up a socket feed.

Why would one use this?

It makes it really easy to turn any information into a paginated feed. Having feeds as lightweight datastructures, you can start building data highways with lots of lanes, junctions and "coming-together-of-roads"s (please tweet me the word for this @jessethegame if you know it)

How would one use this?

E.g. combine twitter and github stories into a single feed.

// Create a feed of tweets
var feeds = require('feeds').models;
var twitter = require('some-twitter-lib');
var github = require('some-github-lib');
var io = require('socket.io')

// This is a feed of github events
var twitterFeed = models.JSONFeed.create('twitter', {
  generateId: function (data) { data.id },
  generateTimestamp: function (data) { data.created_at }

twitter.createStream(..., ...).on('tweet', feed.add);

// This is a feed of github events
var githubFeed = models.JSONFeed.create('github', {
  generateId: function (data) { data.id },
  generateTimestamp: function (data) { data.timestamp }

github.pollEvents(..., ...).on('event', feed.add);

// This is a combined feed of tweets and github events
var twithubFeed = models.Aggregator.create('twithub');

// Expose the data over a websocket
twithubFeed.on('data', function (data) {
  io.emit('data', data)



  • Atom support
  • RSS support
  • Connect support (rather than express)


MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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