Freedcamp task runner with Markdown.
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$ cnpm install fcr2 
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The simplest way to run your npm type tasks

You write a beautiful & documented Markdown file, we run it for you. And you have a lot of flexibility!

Example FcScripts.md file:

# Start Scripts Title

## start:web

This will start the web code below

parcel index.html

## start:desktop

This will start the node script

console.log('RUNNING DESKTOP!')

# Build Scripts

## build:web

Build our main app

# note that you can directly call binaries inside node_modules/.bin
# just like how `npm scripts` works
babel src -d lib

Each section is an h1 and task is defined using h2 header and its child contents, the value of h2 header will be used as task name, its following paragraphs (optional) will be used as task description, and following code block (optional) will be used as task script.

# Start Scripts

Start running in development mode

## start:w:u

Run tasks `start:web` and `start:utils` in parallel.

## start:web

Start web with parcel

console.log("Starting web");

## start:utils

console.log("Starting utils");

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