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$ cnpm install fbp-diffbot 
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Automatically posts diffs for FBP graph changes on Github Pull Requests, using fbp-diff. This is useful when doing code reviews, as it makes it easier to understand the changes that were made.


Minimally useful

  • Service is live at http://fbp-diffbot.herokuapp.com
  • Can follow PR changes in public repos and post diffs as comments
  • Experimental support for private repos
  • Simple HTTP API allows to request checking without requiring webhook integration
  • Command-line tool fbp-diffbot-checkpr allows checking without using the service


See Github Issues



Using the service

Adding public repos

Edit config.yaml and submit a pull request.

Adding private repos

WARNING: Experimental TODO: improve support

    1. Add the fbp-diffbot user as a collaborator on the repo, with READ access
  • 2a) Put your repo into config.yaml like with public repo
  • 2b) Alternative, send an email to jononor+fbp-diffbot@gmail.com with the name of the repository. It will then be added to the FBPDIFFBOT_EXTRA_REPOSITORIES envvar of the deployed service, so the repository name does not need to be visible in public.

Note that approval is manual, so it may take a day or two.

Manually request PR checking

Endpoint: POST /checkpr/$owner/$repo/$prnumber

curl -X POST http://fbp-diffbot.herokuapp.com/checkpr/$owner/$repo/$prnumber

So for to check imgflo/imgflo-server#12 would use the URL http://fbp-diffbot.herokuapp.com/checkpr/imgflo/imgflo-server/12.

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