Facebook Auto Post Birthday Message
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$ cnpm install fb-birthday-gratulator 
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Automatically post birthday messages to the Facebook profile wall of your friends.

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Use git's tag v1.0.0 for the old, the tag v2.0.0 for the new Facebook design. Note that you need to set the language of Facebook to English for this to work out of the box.

Via Repo (recommended as tested)

Download this repository, unpack it. Make sure you have Node.js installed. Then, from the root of this repo/directory, run yarn install (make sure to have yarn installed) to run.

Via NPM/yarn (untested)

Install this repo like: npm install --global fb-birthday-gratulator

(replace npm install with yarn add if you do not belong to the mainstream)


A file named config.json in the root of the directory, in which this tool has been installed to, can be used for the configuration. The content of the config.json have the structure (replace strings as appropriate):

  "username": "your@email.com",
  "password": "your/pass/word!",
  "wishes":  {
    "anyone": [
      "Happy birthday! ;D",
      "Happy birthday! ????????????????????",
      "Best wishes & many presents! ????????????"
    "Your Loved Ones FB-Name": [
      "Enjoy your day, my Love! ????????❤️"

Note that at the moment, the config is not getting validated in any useful form – you will just get the failure notification.


$ npm install -g fb-birthday-gratulator
$ fb-gratulate
running command...
$ fb-gratulate (-v|--version|version)
fb-birthday-gratulator/0.0.0 darwin-x64 node-v13.2.0
$ fb-gratulate --help
  $ fb-gratulate


Use a separate program, such as a cron, to execute this utility daily.

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