A FastCGI client implementation in Node.js, mainly designed for cummunication with PHP.
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$ cnpm install fastcgi-client 
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A FastCGI client implementation in Node.js, mainly designed for cummunication with PHP.

Development Status

Developing. Would be stable soon.


npm install fastcgi-client. Use require('fastcgi-client') to get a fastcgiConnector.

var client = fastcgiConnector(options) Create a FastCGI client. Available options:

  • host The server name or IP, default to ''.
  • port The server port, default to 9000.
  • sockFile Connect to php-fpm with sock file instead of If you set this option, host and port will be ignored
  • skipCheckServer Skip checking and getting options from the server.
  • maxConns The default value of maximum concurrent connections to the server.
  • maxReqs The default value of maximum concurrent requests to the server.
  • mpxsConns The default value of using concurrency over connections or not.
  • Event ready Client is ready for accepting request.
  • Event error An error occurred and returned as 1st argument of event handler.

client.request(params, cb) Create a new request. params Should be FastCGI params (key-value pairs). An error object would be passed to cb as 1st argument on failed (request not sent at all), otherwise a request argument is passed as 2nd argument.

The request object:

  • request.abort() Send an abort request. The request is not ended after the server responds.
  • request.stdin The writable stdin stream.
  • request.stdout The readable stdout stream.
  • request.stderr The readable stderr stream.
  • request.getExitStatus() Return exit code, or an error if not normally ended. It would be ready before the end events of stdout and stderr streams.


You should have PHP-CGI installed and PHP5 FPM service running in

Then use npm test to test. Use npm run coverage to see the test coverage.



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