Faster and simplified version of on-load without dom diffing support
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$ cnpm install fast-on-load 
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Faster and simplified version of on-load without dom diffing support.


const onload = require('fast-on-load')

onload(domElement, function () {
  console.log('element was mounted')
}, function () {
  console.log('element was unmounted')

Uses a MutationObserver and a generated class together with getElementsByClassName() to find DOM nodes that on-load is tracking, which performs much faster (around 1000x in our machines) on bigger DOM trees that the tree traversal algo on-load uses.


const node = onload(node, [onload], [onunload])

Watch node, optionally passing onload and onunload handler. Returns the node itself.

onload.delete(node, [onload], [onunload])

Pass in references to the onload and onunload functions and the node they are attached to to remove them from the function set that get run on load and unload. Pass undefined for onload if you only attached and onunload function.

onload = onload.bind(dom.window)

To run in non-dom context, such as jsdom, call onload with desired window context.


npm install fast-on-load



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