ExtPlug plugin that gives everyone a mostly-unique color.
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$ cnpm install extplug-colored-users 
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Colored Users

ExtPlug plugin that gives everyone a mostly-unique colour, so that you can identify people more easily.

Screenshot showing colours in the user list, wait list and chat.

User colours stay the same across sessions!

Note: This plugin overrides some room styles and staff colours for usernames. Staff icons and other styles are unaffected.


If you do not have ExtPlug yet, get it here.

You can install this plugin by going to your ExtPlug settings menu, pressing "Install Plugin", and entering this Plugin URL:



Note: this section is intended for developers only.

First, install dependencies:

npm install

Then, use:

npm run build

The plugin will be built using the ExtPlug CLI.

The built plugin will be stored at build/colored-users.js.



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