ExtPlug plugin that adds custom autocomplete options to the chat using the current room settings.
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Advanced Autocomplete

ExtPlug plugin that adds additional autocomplete suggestions based on room settings, for example to provide autocompletion for bot commands.

Example using basicBot commands
Example using basicBot commands.


You can install this plugin by going to your ExtPlug settings menu, pressing "Install Plugin", and entering this Plugin URL:


Room Settings

Note: This section is intended for room hosts only.

You can add custom autocomplete suggestions to your room by adding an autocomplete property to your room settings file. The autocomplete property should contain an Array of "Completion" objects, defining different trigger characters and autocomplete suggestions.

A Completion object comes in two flavours:

  • a preset. This style uses one of the built-in autocomplete packages in the plugin. Currently, it only contains a preset for basicBot commands:

    { "preset": "basicbot" }

    This will add all the basicBot commands to the ! trigger.

  • a custom suggestions list. This style allows you to add your own suggestions.

      "trigger": "!",
      "suggestions": [ /* ... */ ]

    See Custom Suggestions for possible formats for the suggestions property.

    When a user types the string in the trigger property, the given suggestions start to show up.

Custom Suggestions

The suggestions property contains an Array of possible suggestions. These suggestions can be:

  • a string. This will be shown as a bare string in the suggestions list.

  • an object. This allows you to control the look and feel of your suggestions a bit more. A suggestion object has:

    • a string property, containing the text that should be inserted when the user selects the suggestion.

    • an icon property, containing an icon className that will be shown to the left of the suggestion.

    • a description property, containing a super-short description of the suggestion that will be displayed next to the suggestion in the list.

    • a role property that hides the suggestion from users below the given rank. Note that this should be a Number! (Summary: 0 = No rank, 1 = Resident DJ, 2 = Bouncer, 3 = Manager, 4 = Cohost, 5 = Host)

      The role property defaults to 0 (meaning everyone is allowed to see the suggestion) if it's missing.

    A suggestion object roughly looks like this:

      "string": "!ban",
      "icon": "icon-ban",
      "role": 3

Or one without rank restrictions:

  "string": "!eta",
  "icon": "icon-current-dj-white"


Full example, with bot commands using a ! trigger and "emote" commands (perhaps turned into images by a different plugin) using a % trigger:

  "autocomplete": [
      "trigger": "!",
      "suggestions": [
        { "string": "!eta", "icon": "icon-current-dj-white" },
        { "string": "!ban", "icon": "icon-ban", "role": 3 }
      "trigger": "%",
      "suggestions": [ "%shrug", "%lol", "%tableflip" ]

If you are running basicBot, you can just use:

  "autocomplete": [
    { "preset": "basicbot" }


Note: this section is intended for developers only.

First, install dependencies:

npm install

Then, use:

npm run build

The plugin will be built using the ExtPlug CLI.

The built plugin will be stored at build/advanced-autocomplete.js.



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