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$ cnpm install extaws 
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Typescript package that attempts to solve the problem of getting AWS CLI credentials when using Okta/AWS Saml integration.

It was written to be used as both a stand alone CLI for simple use cases or as a utility to build more complex/custom use cases.

Configuration and credentials are stored using the keytar package which abstracts Windows(Credential Vault)/Mac(Keychain)/Linux(libsecret) secret storage systems.


Before you can use this tooling you will need both your Okta organization name(->YourOrgName<-.okta.com) as well as the Okta Saml URL. It'll look something like: home/amazon_aws/01234abcde9876549/123


extaws login - Main command for logging in. Will prompt for config and user information if none is present

extaws init - Sets up the necessary configuration(Okta organization name, Okta SAML url, etc)

extaws clear - Clears local creds and/or configuration

###Direct implementation

Setting up configuration

const config = await ExtAws.promptForConfig()
await ExtAws.setConfig(config)

Logging in

const extaws = new ExtAws()

Clearing configuration

const config = true
const credentials = true
await ExtAws.clearCredentials({ config, credentials })

Example Execution

$ extaws login 
? Okta Organization Name: whatsnew 
? Okta SAML Url:  app/amazon_aws/abcdef1234567/sso/saml
? Store Okta Credentials Yes
? AWS Profile to store credentials:  default
? AWS Region:  us-east-1
? Okta Username tom.jones@not-unusual.com
? Okta Password [hidden]
? Please select MFA factor ONEPLUS A6010
? Please select the role to assume super_admin 

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