Swagger routes handling for Expresser apps.
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Expresser Swagger

The Swagger plugin makes it very easy to setup routes on the Express app based on swagger specs. At the moment it supports Swagger 2.0 only.

Sample code

The sample code below assumes you have a database object with users and teams, and a swagger definition that makes use of the operations getUser() and getTeam().

var expresser = require("expresser")
var swagger = require("expresser-swagger")
var users = database.users
var teams = database.teams

var apiRoutes = {
    getUser: function(req, res) -> return users.find(req.params),
    getTeam: function(req, res) -> return teams.find(req.params)
    // etc...


Cast parameters

By default routes handled by the Swagger module will have a "swagger" property with the specified query, header and params. For example:

getAddress: function(req, res) ->
   // Show route headers
   // Show route query
   // Show route named parameters

If you do not wish to use these, you can avoid the slight processing overhead by setting settings.swagger.castParameters to false.

Please note that you can change the file name and other parsing options on the settings.

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