A simple Web Application Firewall (WAF)
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$ cnpm install express-waf 
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A small web application firewall for the NodeJS Express framework.


npm install --save express-waf


The constructor expects the configuration for the blocker and optional settings as parameters. Blocker configuration includes:

  • blockTime: A blacklist timeout which indicates the time after that entries from the blacklist will be removed.
  • db: The used database for the blacklist. In the folder "/database" you can find predefined database connectors. If you don't find the connector you need, you may define your own database connector. This connector must define an add-, a remove- and a contains-function.
var ExpressWaf = require('express-waf');

var emudb = new ExpressWaf.EmulatedDB();
var waf = new ExpressWaf.ExpressWaf({
        db: emudb,
        blockTime: 1000
    log: true

After that you can add additional modules to the firewall. Without these modules the firewall won't block any attacks. The basic functionality only includes a blacklist for evil hosts and a logging mechanism for attacks.

Additional modules can be found in the folder "/modules". This includes, for example a module against SQL Injection attacks or a module against CSRF attacks.

For example, this is how to add the CSRF module:

waf.addModule('csrf-module', {
    allowedMethods:['GET', 'POST'],
    refererIndependentUrls: ['/'],
    allowedOrigins: ['']
}, function (error) {

Don't forget to finally add the check method of express-waf as middleware:


If you forget this step your firewall won't do anything! This is it. Your firewall is now configured to be used with your node.js/express application.

List of Modules


All modules can be tested by using the jasmine-node testing framework:

jasmine-node spec/

Code coverage can be calculated with istanbul:

istanbul cover jasmine-node spec/

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