Print a table associated with a express router
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$ cnpm install express-table-router 
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Print a table associated with a express router


npm install express-table-router


tableRouter = require 'express-table-router' --save

You can pass a default settings for each table:

options =
	style: head: ['green']

tableRouter = require('express-table-router')(options)

See cli-table for more information about the options.

Later in your code need to pass a router express Object and optionally a specific options for the table:

tableOne = table.create(router.stack)

Also you can chain methods:

tableOne = table.create(router.stack).show()

An example of pattern for print table and register in express:

for route in ["client", "address", "direction", "contact"]
  router = require "./api/#{route}"
  app.use router


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