Executes a module safely.
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$ cnpm install exec-module 
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Run any module and know what happened

Sometimes you want to run code and it would be simply good to know if the execution went correctly. This module allows you to run an javascript file just by its path and offers diverse ways to deal with errors.


This is a Node.js package. You can install it using

$ npm i exec-module


Domains warning

Domains are deprecated in Node.js but since there is no alternative API available yet this project uses domains. It will be updated to whatever alternative will be given by the Node.js project.

There will be a warning shown by Node.js unless you call it with the --no-deprecation flag.

execModule(filePath, [opts], callback)

filePath needs to point to a javascript file. callback receives the error and or result.

var execModule = require('exec-module')
execModule('./some_path.js', function (err, data) {
  // your code

Custom module execution

By default the module will be called only with a callback handler. You can override this default behavior to pass-in additional arguments.

execModule('./some_path.js', {
  exec: function (file, options, mod, callback) {
    // file ... input path
    // options ... input options
    // mod ... the module's function
    // callback ... callback to be called with the result
    mod('hello world', callback)
}, function (err, data) {
  // your code

Using setUp and tearDown

You can execute code before and after the method is run by specifying a setUp and/or tearDown function in the options.

execModule('./some_path.js', {
  setUp: function (file, options, callback) {
     // file ... input path
     // options ... input options
  tearDown: function (file, options, err, data, callback) {
     // file ... input path
     // options ... input options
     // err ... error that was returned by the module
     // data ... data that was returned by the module
}, function (err, result) {
  // Now: error can also contain setUp or tearDown errors!

Checking for a timeout

When you pass-in a timeout option it will throw a timeout error if the module doesn't respond within the given time in milliseconds.

execModule('./some_path.js', {timeout: 100}, function (err, data) {
  // Now err.code can become `ERR_RUN_TIMEOUT`

Checking for a number of arguments

In JavaScript it is possible to inspect the number of arguments specified by a method. (see: MDN) With argCount you can also check wether or not the method does has a specific amount of arguments.

execModule('./some_path.js', {argCount: 2}, function (err, data) {
  // Now err.code can become `FUNCTION_ARG_WRONG`

Advanced Error Handling

This module returns with errors that are coded. Every error a set of properties that can be useful when printing the error:

error.message // A default - developer readable - error message
error.code // Code to deal with the error
error.path // File in which the error occurred
error.cause // Cause of the error (if it was the result of a exception)
Code Occurs
ENOENT When there is no file system object at the given path
EACCESS When the file is not readable by the process
ERR_STAT_NOFILE When the path points to something else but a file
ERR_LOAD When an exception is thrown during loading of the file
ERR_FUNCTION_WRONG When the module exports something else but a function
ERR_FUNCTION_ARG_WRONG When the method contains arguments that are not of the requested amount (Note: error contains additional properties: expected and actual)
ERR_RUN_SYNC When an exception was thrown in the module directly in the default scope
ERR_RUN_ASYNC When the module's method returned with an error value
ERR_RUN_UNHANDLED When the module's method throws an error outside of the default scope
ERR_RUN_TIMEOUT When the method didn't return before a specified timeout. (Note: error contains additional property timeout)
ERR_SETUP_SYNC When an exception was thrown in setUp directly in the default scope
ERR_SETUP_ASYNC When the setUp returned with an error value
ERR_SETUP_UNHANDLED When the setUp throws an error outside of the default scope
ERR_TEARDOWN_SYNC When an exception was thrown in tearDown directly in the default scope
ERR_TEARDOWN_ASYNC When the tearDown returned with an error value
ERR_TEARDOWN_UNHANDLED When the tearDown throws an error outside of the default scope

Note: If an error is thrown with a code property, then it will be re-thrown as-is.


Bug reports and Feature requests welcome! ❤️ for Pull Requests.



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