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Evergreen Scripts

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Additional scripts for evergreen applications.

Project Goals

Extending the functionality and usage of evergreen apps with additional scripts.

Under Development

This repo and Project Evergreen itself are still young and maturing rapidly. The Project Evergreen GitHub organization project tracker captures the high level goals and next steps, with plans to keep adding those lessons learned as features and improvements to this repo.

???? Please feel free to contribute, we are always looking forward to meeting like minded developers to collaborate with!

Serve apps via gh-pages

To make life easier and automate the task of deploying to gh-pages

Install Evergreen Scripts

npm i -D evergreen-scripts

Add your remote github repository:

git remote add YOUR_REPO

Modify your package.json by adding the script and your github pages url

"homepage": "https://hutchgrant.github.io/evergreen-web-components/",
"scripts": {
    "gh-pages": "evergreen-scripts gh-pages"

Build, update, and serve files on github pages:

npm run gh-pages

The script will automatically:

  1. (re)initialize git
  2. create branch gh-pages, if master doesn't yet exist, it will create an initial commit
  3. add git worktree dist with orphaned branch gh-pages
  4. create a ghpages.config.js cache file containing a publicPath based on the homepage value in your package.json
  5. create an additional webpack config for your github pages path
  6. add a 404.html file that redirects to the index.html file so that routing works as you would expect in a SPA.
  7. add a custom index.ghpages.html with a script to replace the state on client redirect
  8. add a unique build script to your package.json file
  9. build project using webpack.config.ghpages.js
  10. git remove the previous files in gh-pages branch(dist)
  11. copy build files to worktree(dist)
  12. commit to gh-pages branch
  13. push to gh-pages branch.

Optionally, as of 0.0.6, you can modify the default application src directory which the script uses, by adding the argument --src <your-directory> to the run script.

E.g. in your package.json

"scripts": {
    "gh-pages": "evergreen-scripts gh-pages --src docs"

Basic information on args and usage can be found by adding --help argument.

A guide for usage can be found within the Project Evergreen wiki.


Released under the Apache-2.0 License

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