A browser polyfill for W3C EventSource (
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$ cnpm install eventsource-polyfill 
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EventSource Polyfill

Provide polyfill to support EventSource in browser where it is not available.


from source

Download suitable project archive (zip or tar.gz) from release page

Include in your html documents one of the following javascript file:

  • dist/eventsource.js
  • dist/eventsource.min.js (minified version)

Using bower package manager

To install package from bower registry, type :

bower install eventsource-polyfill

Include in your html documents one of the following javascript file:

  • bower_components/eventsource-polyfill/dist/eventsource.js
  • bower_components/eventsource-polyfill/dist/eventsource.min.js (minified version)

Using npm package manager

To install package from npm registry, type :

npm install eventsource-polyfill

Note that this package may only be used with in browser application.

If you are using browserify , you just have to require this package in your main module…

// load (Polyfill) EventSource, in case browser does not support it...

Run the tests now

With your web browser visit this test site

Allow sufficient time ( ~ 5 minutes) for the full Test Suite to run…

Project content

built version of javascript modules

Contains polyfill module and related unit tests

python server which generates easy to test event stream

documentation wiki

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