Solidity debugger library
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$ cnpm install ethereum-transaction-debugger 
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Solidity debugger library

Required Parameters

To start the debugger session, you'll need the following parameters:

  • txHash - A transaction hash (prefixed with 0x), for the transaction to debug

  • provider - A ethers.js provider instance (see ethers.js)

  • contracts - An array of contract objects, with the following properties:

    • contractName - The name of the contract
    • source - The full Solidity source code
    • sourcePath - (optional) the path to the Solidity file on disk
    • ast - The Solidity compiler's output AST (new style, not legacyAST)
    • binary - 0x-prefixed string with the binary used to create a contract instance
    • sourceMap - The Solidity compiler output source map for the creation binary
    • deployedBinary - 0x-prefixed string with the on-chain binary for a contract instance
    • deployedSourceMap - The source map corresponding to the on-chain binary (from the Solidity compiler)
  • files - An array of sourcePaths representing file indexes (For example: /Users/username/etherlimeProject/contracts/LimeFactory.sol)


  1. Start the debugger session by constructing a Debugger instance with .forTx() and then .connect() to it:
import Debugger from "ethereum-transaction-debugger";

let bugger = await Debugger
  .forTx(txHash, { contracts, files, provider });

let session = bugger.connect();
  1. Resolve the session's ready() promise:
await session.ready();
  1. Use the provided public methods on the session instance in order to step through the trace for the transaction:
  1. Access data provided by the debugger via the session.view() interface, and the provided selectors:
let { ast, data, evm, solidity, trace } = Debugger.selectors;

let variables = session.view(data.current.identifiers.native);
let sourceRange = session.view(solidity.current.sourceRange);


MIT (c) 2019 Truffle, LimeChain LTD

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