Commandline utility, outputs process argument 2 if a variable is true else outputs process argument 3 (or not if not given)
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$ cnpm install envif 
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Envif - Simple commandline if switch

envif is a small command line tool that outputs one string or another if a environment variable is set to true (not case-sensitive) or 1.


Simple use npm to install it:

$ npm install envif -g


In commandline you can use it like

$ envif MY_VAR "it's set" "it isn't"

if MY_VAR is present and true in this example it will output it's set else it isn't.

This would be a test:

$ env MY_VAR=true  envif MY_VAR "it's set" "it isn't"
it isn't
$ env MY_VAR=false envif MY_VAR "it's set" "it isn't"
it's set

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