Generates HTML documentation for your Atom package from AtomDoc comments.
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$ cnpm install endokken -g
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Generates HTML documentation for your Atom package from AtomDoc comments in your code and your GitHub project's own Markdown files.

Command-Line Interface

You can simply run the endokken command from the root directory of your Atom package and it will generate HTML documentation in the ./docs directory.

$ endokken

Endokken also supports the following command-line options:

  • --extension [EXT] Adds the given extension to all generated documentation files. Defaults to no extension for REST-like purity.
  • --metadata [FILENAME] Dumps the AtomDoc metadata to the file name you provide or api.json if no filename is given.
  • --help Displays command-line help


Endokken was originally envisioned as YARD for Atom packages. As such, Endokken owes a lot of its inspiration and ideas to YARD and its author Loren Segal.


Copyright © 2014-2015 by Lee Dohm and Lifted Studios. See LICENSE for details.

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