Some fresh styles & hover effects for the modern Ember button.
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$ cnpm install ember-stylish-buttons 
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Some fresh styles & hover effects for the modern Ember button.

A collection of fresh button styles and effects for your Ember buttons. We use CSS transitions and pseudo-elements for most of the effects.

Drawing a great amount of inspiration from this Codrops article



Play with different options for the component and customize and get the template code to use in your application. Playground


ember install ember-stylish-buttons


<StylishButton @type="winona" @border="thin" @shape="round-s" @text="Open Project" />

<StylishButton @type="wayra" @border="thick" @upperCase={{true}} @size="s">Remove</StylishButton>

<StylishButton @type="isi" @textWidth="thick" @upperCase={{true}} @size="s">
  <i class="button__icon icon icon-box"></i><span>Archive</span>

Adding click events

To attach an event handler to the StylishButton component, we can use the on modifier. Since Modifiers can also be applied to components, they are also passed forward and applied to the button element with ...attributes as mentioned in the guides.

<StylishButton @type="winona" @border="thin" @shape="round-s" @text="Open Project" {{on "click" this.updateValue }}/>


The stylish-button component takes the following list of properties to modify the styles and apperance of the button.

type [String]

This parameter controls the overall style of the buttons. Please find below the list of values it can take from the Styles section.

<StylishButton @type="winona" @border="thin" @shape="round-s" @text="Open Project" />

action [Closure Action]

This parameter performs the click action with whatever action is passed along with parameters. This is where you need to send your actions for the buttons.

<StylishButton @type="winona" @border="thin" @shape="round-s" @action={{action "buttonAction"}} @text="Open Project" />
<StylishButton @type="winona" @border="thin" @shape="round-s" @action={{action "buttonAction" "Hello" "World"}} @text="Open Project" />

size [String]

This parameter controls the size of the button. Possible values include:

  • s => small
  • m => medium
  • l => large
<StylishButton @type="wayra" @border="thick" @upperCase={{true}} @size="s">Remove</StylishButton>

textWidth [String]

This parameter controls the bold property of the text in the button. Possible values include:

  • thin
  • thick
  • medium
<StylishButton @type="isi" @textWidth="thick" @upperCase={{true}} @size="s">
  <i class="button__icon icon icon-box"></i><span>Archive</span>

border [String]

This parameter controls the border thickness of the button. Possible values include:

  • thin
  • thick
<StylishButton @type="ujarak" @border="thin" @textWidth="thick" @text="Publish" />

upperCase [Boolean]

This parameter transforms the button text to uppercase. Default value is false

<StylishButton @type="ujarak" @border="thick" @upperCase={{true}} @size="s" @inverted={{true}} @textWidth="thick" @text="Publish" />

shape [String]

This parameter transforms the button to a pill shape with various border-radius dimensions. Possible values include:

  • round-s
  • round-l
  • round-m
<StylishButton @type="winona" @border="thick" @shape="round-l" @size="s" @upperCase={{true}} @textWidth="thick" @text="Open Project" />

customClasses [String(s)]

This parameter adds your custom classnames to the component class list. It is useful to override the styles with your own classnames.

<StylishButton @type="winona" @border="thin" @shape="round-s" @text="Primary" @customClasses="btn-primary" />
<StylishButton @type="winona" @border="thin" @shape="round-s" @text="Success" @customClasses="btn-success" />
<StylishButton @type="winona" @border="thin" @shape="round-s" @text="Info" @customClasses="btn-info" />
<StylishButton @type="winona" @border="thin" @shape="round-s" @text="Warning" @customClasses="btn-warning" />
<StylishButton @type="winona" @border="thin" @shape="round-s" @text="Danger" @customClasses="btn-danger" />


Ember stylish buttons come with about 18 different styles for button. Just give any one of the following values for the type attribute of the component.

  • winona (default)
  • ujarak
  • wayra
  • tamaya
  • rayen
  • pipaluk
  • moema
  • isi
  • aylen
  • saqui
  • wapasha
  • nuka
  • antiman
  • itzel
  • naira
  • quidel
  • sacnite
  • shikoba


Add a configuration for ember-stylish-buttons to include only the themes that you will use.

ENV['ember-stylish-buttons'] = {
  includedThemes: ['winona', 'ujarak', 'shikoba'],
  excludedThemes: ['wapasha'],
  excludeBaseStyles: false, // defaults to false
  defaultTheme: 'winona',    // defaults to 'winona'

To exclude or not include a theme, means that it's css styles will not be bundled with your application, thus not polluting your app.

Note: including a blank array e.g. includeThemes: [] will not include any themes, leaving you to define your own theme styles. See the vendor/ember-stylish-buttons/themes directory for reference.

Note: you may also want to set excludeBaseStyles: true so that this addon doesn't include the styles used by all the themes.

A big Thanks to Ilya Radchenko for making this configuration possible to have a small memory footprint of css in your app when you are using the addon.


Running Tests

  • npm test (Runs ember try:each to test your addon against multiple Ember versions)
  • ember test
  • ember test --server


  • ember build

For more information on using ember-cli, visit https://ember-cli.com/.


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