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$ cnpm install ember-owner-test-utils 
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Ember Owner Test Utils

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This is an addon that is intended to provide an easy mechanism to access and override Ember owner APIs.


ember install ember-owner-test-utils



I find this is most useful for dealin with services that hit the network. It allows you to declaratively specify what a given registration is responsible for inside the test file itself.

At the top of your acceptance|integration|unit test import the register helper with the following line:

import { register } from 'ember-owner-test-utils/test-support/register';

Then from within any place that has a test context (ie inside a beforeEach or test) you may set a new registration with the following:

test('it calls foo on the foo service', function(assert){

  register(this, 'service:foo', Ember.Service.extend({
    foo() {


This signature can be used in all forms of Ember tests.

Playing Make Believe

You can even use it to make a registration on a component that never existed. Like so:

// See here for more of the test:
// https://github.com/rondale-sc/ember-owner-test-utils/blob/master/tests/integration/my-component-test.js
test('allows the registration of components', function(assert) {

 register(this, 'template:components/my-component', hbs`<button class="do-it" {{ action 'foo' }}>GO!</button>`);

  register(this, 'component:my-component', Component.extend({
      actions: {
        foo() { assert.ok(true); }



Hat tip (????) to ember-route-action-helper on this one. This is very useful for testing complex interactions without needing to create unnecessary files in your addon's dummy folder.


Special thanks to @rwjblue for help with 1.13.13 support. Was a difficult thing to track down. :beers: If you'd like to hear @cowboyd and myself talk about this in more depth you can check it out at this episode of ember weekend:

Ember Weekend: Bug Integrat

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