Adds precompilation of TypeScript files and all the basic generation types to the `ember generate` command.
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$ cnpm install ember-cli-typescript-compiler 
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TypeScript support for ember-cli Build Status

Adds precompilation of TypeScript files while still allowing a mix of ES6 and TS files in your ember-cli project.

Caveats: SourceMaps don't work.

Why was this created?

All the other addons were either not usable, not production ready, or terribly outdated. This addon has support for blueprints as well as the latest versions of typescript (1.6, 1.7) thanks to tildeio/broccoli-typescript-compiler.


  • Preprocessing TypeScript-files in your app, including tests
  • Blueprints


Requires that you have ember-cli-babel in your packages.json

ember install https://github.com/philipbjorge/ember-cli-typescript-compiler.git

I would also recommend disabling sourcemaps in ember-cli-build as they don't seem to work and it speeds up builds.

  var app = new EmberApp(defaults, {
    sourcemaps: {
      enabled: false, // these don't work right now with ts or es6
    // Add options here

At this point, you can rename any JS file under the app/ or test/ folders to .ts and expect it to work!

How to use

Currently there are no options to pass in.

How it works

Compiles TS files to ES6 => ES6 to ES5 transpilation handled by ember-cli-babel => ES6 module transformation handled by ember-cli

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