Starter kit for creating and publishing new Ember addons with all batteries included.
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$ cnpm install ember-addon-starterkit 
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Starter kit for creating and publishing new Ember addons with all batteries included.


ember install ember-addon-starterkit

Update yuidoc.json to use ember themes

In order to use the installed YUIDoc ember theme we need to update the yuidoc.json with the following new options:

Add the following to the options section

  "enabledEnvironments": ["development","production"],
  "themedir": "node_modules/yuidoc-ember-theme",
  "helpers": ["node_modules/yuidoc-ember-theme/helpers/helpers.js"]

Update config/release.js to push demo app to gh-pages branch

If you want to keep your documentation/demo updated you need to automate that part using the ember-cli-release config.

Add the following to the config/release.js file created by the addon.

/* jshint node:true */
var execSync = require('child_process').execSync;

// For details on each option run `ember help release`
module.exports = {
  publish: true,
  afterPublish: function(project, versions) {
    // Publish dummy app with docs to gh-pages
    runCommand('ember github-pages:commit --message "Released ' + versions.next + '"');
    runCommand('git push origin gh-pages:gh-pages');

function runCommand(command) {
  console.log('running: ' + command); // eslint-disable-line
  var output = execSync(command, { encoding: 'utf8' });
  console.log(output); // eslint-disable-line


Once you have your addon code ready to be published with all the documentation added, You just have to issue only one command:

ember release

For accepting all commands with an yes

ember release --yes


  • Release Automation
  • npm Package Publishing
  • Documentation
  • Demo Application
  • Test helpers
  • Code coverage



Ember CLI addon that defines a release command for bumping the version of your app or addon. It's a streamlined alternative to the npm version command, with a number of additional advantages. ember-cli-release


Easily manage gh-pages of your ember-cli addon ember-cli-github-pages


This is an ember-cli addon for generate html documentation from YUIDoc comments in the source code. ember-cli-yuidoc


An EmberJS based YUIDoc theme yuidoc-ember-theme


Code coverage for ember apps using Istanbul Find more info here


Test helpers for your integration tests that fire native events Find more info here


Coveralls.io support. Get the great coverage reporting of coveralls.io and add a cool coverage button ( like the one above ) to your README. Find more info here

Addon Demo

The demo application for this addon is published into gh-pages from the dummy app inside and is available here


Running Tests

  • npm test (Runs ember try:each to test your addon against multiple Ember versions)
  • ember test
  • ember test --server


  • ember build

For more information on using ember-cli, visit https://ember-cli.com/.

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