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$ cnpm install embark-remix 
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An Embark plugin that allows Remix to connect to a local DApp via remixd. This plugin serves a local copy of Remix IDE from the machine running the plugin or alternatively allows connection from the public Remix IDE. The URL of the Remix IDE can be specified in the Embark plugin options, specified below.


To configure options for the embark-remix plugin, modify the plugins property of embark.json in the DApp.

How to use default options

To pass no options to the plugin and use the defaults, simply use an empty object:

"plugins": {
  "embark-remix": {}

This will provide the default options to the plugin (shown below).

Available options

The available options for this plugin are below. Default options are shown below. This is equivalent to passing an empty object {}.

"plugins": {
  "embark-remix": {
    "readOnly": false,
    "remixIde": {
      "protocol": "http",
      "host": "localhost",
      "port": 8088

readOnly does not let Remix update the contents on the local filesystem.

  • Default: false

remixIde specifies the URL that the Remix IDE will be served from. If this is a localhost URL, the plugin creates a server that is responsible for listening on this URL.

  • Default: (see above)

If it is preferred to connect to the public Remix IDE at https://remix.ethereum.org, set the remixIde config to:

"remixIde": {
  "protocol": "https",
  "host": "remix.ethereum.org",
  "port": false

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