Node CLI for Elm-Spec
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$ cnpm install elm-spec-runner 
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Node CLI for Elm-Spec


$ npm install --save-dev elm-spec-runner


Use elm-spec-runner to run elm-spec suites from the command line.

$ elm-spec [options]

By default, elm-spec executes a spec suite in JSDOM. Note that while this is probably the fastest way to execute specs, JSDOM does have limitations. For example, JSDOM does not calculate layout positions for HTML elements, so any specs that describe layout in precise ways may fail unexpectedly.

For the most realistic execution environment, you should run specs in a real browser. To run your specs in Chromium, simply provide chromium (or another valid value) for the --browser option.


--elm -- Specify path to elm executable. Defaults to elm

--specRoot -- Specify the root directory for specs; should contain the elm.json file for the specs. Defaults to ./specs

--specs -- Specify a glob for spec modules, relative to specRoot. Defaults to ./**/*Spec.elm

--browser -- Specify the browser environment for the specs: jsdom, chromium, webkit, firefox. Defaults to jsdom

--visible -- Show the browser while the specs are running. Does nothing if the browser is jsdom.

--watch -- Rerun the spec when files change in directories listed in the source-directories of your specs' elm.json file.

--endOnFailure -- Stop the spec suite run on the first failure.

--css -- Path to a CSS file to load in the browser, relative to the current directory. You may specify multiple css files.

--help -- Print options

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