a web based vault for your passwords.
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$ cnpm install elipsis 
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Elipsis is an online password management tool. It acts as a vault so that you don't have to remember a password for each web service you use (Google, Facebook, etc.).

Since you don't know what security these services employ, it is very important to use a different and secure password for each of them.

Elipsis allows you to do that very easily. You choose one very strong password and rely on elipsis to keep all your secret safe. You can do that because elipsis is open source.

How does it work ?

Elipsis encrypts all your other passwords based on a single one. This is better security as because you can:

  • make this one password very secure so that nobody can ever find out what it is
  • use more secure passwords for all the websites you use because you don't have to remember them
  • change this very secure password more often

Vault screenshot

  • Elipsis Also gives you a full security audit of the latest activity on your account.

Settings screenshot


  [Install node.js](http://nodejs.org/download/)
  git clone https://github.com/nherment/elipsis.git
  cd elipsis
  make install
  make start



Passwords are hashed using a salted 512bits PBKDF2 hash. with 20*000 iterations.

Your secrets are encrypted based on another hash calculated similarly. The encryption mechanism uses AES-256.


When you sign in, the decryption key is moved to a temporary memory with a renewable lifetime of 20 seconds. This key is discarded about 20 seconds after you leave the website (this time may take a bit longer depending on the load of the server). The key is discarded immediately if you manually logout of the website.

The original password is discarded immediately after you login.

Audit logs (IP address, account emails) are not encrypted yet. The plan is to encrypt them so that only the user has access to them. For the website security however, we will always keep a hash for these. It allows us to mitigate SPAM and bruteforce attempts against the service.

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