Adds support for cookies in Electron.
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$ cnpm install electron-cookies 
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Electron Cookies

(Formerly called atom-shell-cookies)

Adds support for cookies in Electron. Cookies are persisted through localStorage.

Forked from https://gist.github.com/paulcbetts/2d2de55d137a1cf9d1ac.


Electron's renderer environment doesn't come with built in support for a document.cookie API. Thus, if you want to use Google Analytics or another client-side analytics library, they won't work because they can't set cookies.

By using this package, you can drop client-side analytics code into your app and it will work splendidly.


npm install electron-cookies


In your app's renderer code, just require this package:



Original code is written in src/index.coffee, with tests at spec/electron_cookies_spec.coffee. Write code in coffeescript, and run grunt to compile coffeescript on the fly.

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