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This package is deprecated and will no longer be maintained.
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$ cnpm install ecs-conex 
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What is ecs-conex?

ECS Container Express is a continuous integration service for building Docker images and uploading them to ECR repositories in response to push events to Github repositories.


The Dockerfile contains the commands required to build an image, or snapshot of your repository, when you push to GitHub. This file is located in the root directory of your application code. If you are using private npm modules, your Dockerfile might require some additional commands as listed over here

ECR Repository

ecs-conex will create one ECR repository for each Github repository, and each time a push is made to the Github repository, a Docker image will be created for the most recent commit in the push. The image will be tagged with the SHA of that most recent commit. Also, if the most recent commit represents a git tag, the tag's name will also become an image in the ECR repository.


You only need to run ecs-conex's script once to subscribe your repository to the ecs-conex webhook. For more information about associating these resources, see the Getting started documentation.


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