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API enpoints

Managing EBICS account

ENDPOINT Method Description
/implementation GET returns list of supported banks
/ebicsAccount GET returns list of all EBICS accounts
/ebicsAccount/:accountId GET returns separate EBICS account
/ebicsAccount POST create new EBICS account
/ebicsAccount/:accountId PATCH update EBICS account data
/ebicsAccount/:accountId DELETE delete EBICS account data (it just marks as deleted)

Initializing EBICS account

ENDPOINT Method Description
/ebics/init/:accountId GET executes INI and HIA EBICS orders
/ebics/downloadKey/:accountId GET executes HPB EBICS orders
/checkAccount/:accountId GET Activate EBICS account. If account is successful activate it can be used to send orders and get statements

Sending SEPA payments

ENDPOINT Method Description
/pain/001/:accountId POST send pain.001 order
/pain/008/:accountId POST send pain.008 order

EBICS statements

ENDPOINT Method Description
/camt53/download/:accountId GET download camt.053 order
/camt53 GET returns list of all downloaded and succesful processed camt.053 orders

API data


response (json object array)

field type description
id int ID of implementaion
name string Display name of implementaion


response (json object array)

field type description
id int ID account
active boolean If this flag is true account can be used to send orders and dowload statements.
implementation int Id of EBICS implementation
bankName string Name of the bank
url string EBICS service endpoint (provided from bank)
hostID string EBICS hostId (provided from bank)
customerId string EBICS customerId (provided from bank)
userId string EBICS userId (provided from bank)
secret string secret phrase
status * boolean Status of account
bankLetter ** string Bank letter content
deleted boolean If this flag is set EBICS account is closed and can't be use


0 - Account is just created. It can be edited

1 - Account is initialized. Successful executed INI and HIA orders. Waiting for bank letter confirmation (see bankLeter below). Status is set to 1 when /ebics/init/:accountId is executed

2 - Account is ready for activation (bank keys are downloded). Status is set to 2 when /ebics/downloadKey/:accountId is executed

ATTENTION: never edit account if status is not 0.


When /ebics/init/:accountId is executed it download bank letter and fill bankLetter field. Letter should print and send to the bank via POST office.


Validation schema for PAIN.001

Validation schema for PAIN.008

Disable patch request if account status is not 0

Endpoint for statment information

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