Ease is a framework for creating keyboard navigated applications.
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$ cnpm install ease-framework 
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Ease Framework 3

Ease Framework is a high-performance, component-based framework built in CoffeeScript. It enables maximum reusability and can significantly accelerate your application development process.

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  • src: The Ease Framework
  • docs: Documentation (the same as you find on ease.coffee)
  • test: Mocha test files
  • build-dependencies: Tasks and helpers for the build system (Grunt)

Running the tests

You will need Node.js 4+. Simply run npm install && npm test


To read the documentation you have two options.

Hosted documentation

Note that you will need to authenticate for access to the hosted documentation. Contact Sixty if you need access.

You will always find the latest Ease Framework 3 documentation at http://ease3.ease.coffee. If you need the documentation for a specific version, starting from v3.1.0, you can find it by navigating directly to the version tag in your url.


Local documentation

If you want to open up the documentation locally, you can do so with the help from the npm packages codo and quickserver.

Our documentation is written in MDWiki in general. We use codo to generate the API documentation automatically from inline comments. In this way, our documentation will always follow our repository and be deployed along with our code.

To open the documentation locally, use your terminal:

$ npm install -g codo quickserver   # Install dependencies
$ codo                              # Generate the documentation
$ quickserver                       # Start the server

You will then be able to open the documentation at http://localhost:8888/docs/, where you can navigate into the API documentation created by Codo

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