Various slack bots for general use in the labby platform
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$ cnpm install e6s-bots 
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Labby Bots

Labby bots are here to make our lives easier! Integrated with slack and written in javascript, they're your fun loving companions in the labby world.

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First off, make sure you have node installed,


We'll be using ES6 features, so make sure that you're downloading the current version (not the LTS.)

Next, open a terminal and cd into this project. Once in the project, run

npm install

This will install all of the necessary project dependencies.


To verify your installation, or test on your own, run

npm test

in the root directory.

Hello World Bot

Hello world bot is simple. Hello World Bot loves life, and when you enter the /helloworld command in any channel or DM, he'll greet you right back with a Hello World!

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