Command-line Electron Developer Tools Installer.
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$ cnpm install dti 
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Command-line Electron Developer Tools Installer.

  • List out developer tools that are available for electron.
  • List what devtools you have installed, and what version is installed.
  • Easily install and uninstall developer tools into your electron development environment, directly from the chrome webstore.


npm install -g dti

You should now have the dti command available to you in the command line.


dti <command> [<args>]

  Quickly install and uninstall electron developer tools.

  list                  list available electron devtools
  installed             list currently installed devtools and their versions
  install <args>        install devtools using a list of short names
  uninstall <args>      uninstall devtools using a list of short names

  Example: dti install devtron react redux

Currently supported devtools:

  • angular
  • backbone
  • devtron
  • ember
  • jquery
  • react
  • reactPerf
  • redux
  • vuejs


Why is this a global CLI tool, and why does it bundle electron?

electron/electron-prebuilt installs developer tools in a shared preference folder. As a result, devtools are shared between different development projects on your system. Project local dependencies are generally preferable but electron happens to just work this way.

Why didn't it work?

Make sure you quit out of any running processes of electron/electron-prebuilt. Sometimes the install silently fails if these are running.

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