Streaming uploads to dropbox v2 api
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$ cnpm install dropbox-streaming-upload 
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Streaming uploads for dropbox api v2

Official js sdk by dropbox lacks streaming upload feature. This package provide just that missing feature, nothing else.


npm install --save dropbox-streaming-upload

Supported features

  • Simple basic upload
  • Upload session for bigger files (dropbox requires upload session for files bigger than 150mb. Though you can choose it with files of any size)
  • Ability to cancel upload


const upload = require('dropbox-streaming-upload').default
upload(options).then(function(successMetadata) {

}, function(error) {



  • access_token: Dropbox access token.
  • readable_stream: Readable stream to upload.
  • file_size: Total size of upload in bytes. Since we just have the readable stream we need size information separately.
  • destination: Destination path in dropbox where to upload the file (full file path: ie, if you are uploading roses.jpg to /weeds/ folder, then "/weeds/roses.jpg").
  • forced_chunked_upload: By default library will use upload session if file_size is greater than 150mb. If you set this to true, then it will force upload session regardless of file_size.
  • chunk_size: By default library will use 5mb chunk while using chunked upload. You can override it here (in bytes).
  • mute: See dropbox documentation for /upload or /upload_session/finish. Default is false.
  • autorename: See dropbox documentation for /upload or /upload_session/finish. Default is true.
  • mode: See dropbox documentation for /upload or /upload_session/finish. Default is "add".
  • client_modified: See dropbox documentation for /upload or /upload_session/finish.

Cancelling upload

const upload = require('dropbox-streaming-upload').default
const options = {
    access_token: 'token',
    readable_stream: someStream,
    file_size: totalSize,
    destination: '/mypath/myfile.ext',
upload(options).then(function(successMetadata) {

}, function(error) {
    if (error.message === 'user_aborted') {
        // you cancelled the upload below

// when you want to cancel it (before upload is done/failed)
// cancel function is added to your options object by library
// calling cancel function after upload is done/failed has no effect

Unit testing

  • clone this repository
  • run
npm install
  • copy ./sample_test_data.json to ./tests/test_data.json
  • fill in "access_token"
  • fill in "unitTestBaseFolder". Unit test will create a tmp folder in that folder and upload files inside that (tmp folder will be removed in the end)
  • update "uploads" array as needed. structure of uploads array item:
    "localFilePath": "localfilepath.ext",
    "destination": "./relative/to/tmp/folder/risingearth.jpg",
    "forced_chunked_upload": false,
    "chunk_size": 5e+6
  • forced_chunked_upload and chunk_size are optional
  • run
npm test

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