Generate client code based on a GraphQL schema and query documents
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Apollo GraphQL code generator

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This is a tool to generate API code based on a GraphQL schema and query documents.

It currently only generates Swift code, but we hope to add support for other targets in the future. See Apollo iOS for details on the mapping from GraphQL results to Swift types, as well as runtime support for executing queries and mutations.


If you want to experiment with the tool, you can install the apollo-codegen command globally:

npm install -g apollo-codegen

To download a GraphQL schema by sending an introspection query to a server:

apollo-codegen download-schema http://localhost:8080/graphql --output schema.json

You can use the header option to add additional HTTP headers to the request. For example, to include an authentication token, use --header "Authorization: Bearer <token>".

To generate Swift code from a set of query definitions in .graphql files:

apollo-codegen generate **/*.graphql --schema schema.json --output API.swift


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Running tests locally:

npm install
npm test

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