Functional DOM processing abstractions through generic functions.

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Moros is a functional and modular DOM processing library. It strives to keep the overhead minimal, be overtly composable and a joy to use! Oh, and of course, be insanely fast when working with NodeLists.


// You can either specify query/event engines for compatibility,
// or use the browser's default:
var queryEngine = require('moros/bridge/sizzle')
var eventEngine = require('moros/bridge/bean')
var moros = require('moros')(queryEngine, eventEngine)

// Everything is curried, so it's easy to create helper functions:
var ignoreClick = moros.listen('click', function(ev){ ev.preventDefault() })
var hide = moros.setStyle('display', 'none')
var show = moros.setStyle('display', 'block')

// Parameters are ordered as to make most out of currying:



Moros is distributed as a CommonJS package through NPM, if you're already using CommonJS modules in your application (and you should!), just do a single command install:

$ npm install moros

Otherwise, you'll need to download the latest release and include both browserify.js and moros.js in your application:

( ... )
<script src="browserify.js"></script>
<script src="moros.js"></script>
<script src="you-app.js"></script>
( ... )

Supported platforms

Moros depend on ES5 features, but those can be easily shimmable if you need to support older browsers. Loading es5-shim does everything you need.

Also note that Moros does not ship with any particular selector engine shim, or event manager shim, it uses the browser's default implementation, instead, and allows you to specify a library if you need to target older browsers (IE8-). The bridge/ folder contains all you need to use the most popular options in libraries for CSS selector engines and events.


To run tests, you'll need to build the test specs. You can use slake test for an one-shot test building, or slake test:continuous for continuous rebuilding, which is nicer for hacking on Moros' source itself.

For testing integration with vendor libraries, you'll need to run slake deps:vendor to download the vendor libraries first, then build the test files.


MIT. i.e.: do whatever you please.

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