Check when the DOM is loaded

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$ cnpm install domloaded 
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Check when the DOM is loaded

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Returns a Promise for cleaner usage and can also be used as pure function.


npm install --save domloaded


import domLoaded from 'domloaded';

domLoaded().then(() => console.log('DOM is loaded yo!'));

You can still use callbacks if you want to:

domLoaded(() => console.log('DOM is loaded yo!'));

Pure usage

You can make the function pure by passing in a document object. This is really useful for tests and mocking environments.

For example this works in Node.js:

import jsdom from 'jsdom';
import domLoaded from 'domloaded';

const doc = jsdom.jsdom('').defaultView.document;

domLoaded(doc).then(() => console.log('DOM is loaded yo!'));

Again, you can use the callback version as a pure function too:

domLoaded(() => console.log('DOM is loaded yo!'), doc);


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