An Intelligent Doc Generator tailored for EcmaScript Modules
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$ cnpm install docsense 
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Docsense is a pluggable and customizable AST to documentation generator which parses ECMASCIPT 2015+ using Babylon,

???? **It is still in early development, but operational! ** ????

Quick start

# Add with yarn
yarn add docsense
# Run init to create the default config file
yarn docsense init
# Run build to see your docs!
yarn docsense build

More info about CLI


:muscle: Clone the project, then run yarn to install all dependencies.

git clone


There are a number of scripts that may be run using yarn - the ones that should work independent of developer environments are as follows:

Command Description
yarn test Runs all unit tests
yarn build Compiles source
yarn docs Runs the compiled code against this project
yarn dev-docs Watches src/generator for changes, building the new documentation on changes. This will not work unless docs have already been built first.


This project may be debugged with VSCode, and has not been tested with other IDEs. You can set breakpoints within the source code, press F5 and run. The debug mode will basically run docs against this project, generating the db.json (and eventually the docs) as if you were to run docsense against this project in production.


Docsense will eventualy run in the command line against the process.cwd() of the project a user has it installed in as a module. As of now, it only runs against this project, parsing all of the code, then creating a database which may be queried by the document generator. The document generator is currently unfinished, so after running yarn docs - you may run yarn dev-docs which will runs a local server that hosts the generated documentation, updating automatically as you make changes to the generator scripts found in src/generator

Execution ->
  Read .docsenserc Config ->
    Generate AST ->
      Execute all plugins ->
        Plugin visitors create a database ->
          Static Docs are generated



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