Blocks until regex matches on docker logs
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$ cnpm install docker-wait 
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Docker Wait

A node.js binary to that blocks until a regex match has been made with docker logs output

The intended use is in bash files for server deployment where you want to ensure that a docker container has fully loaded before removing an old container

Must be run as root (in order to ready docker logs)


    npm install -g docker-wait


    docker-wait [path-to-config-file.json|coffee|js]

###Config File

The binary blocks until the regex match has been with ALL listed containers

      timeout: 30, // number of seconds to wait before exiting with error

      logOutput: true, // send the docker logs output to cli
      containers: {

        'container_name': /match this/g,
        'another_container_name': /Lisening on port \d{4}/

Copyright Campbell Morgan 2014

All Pull Requests welcome

Licence MIT

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