DNS proxy server over [Google Public DNS](https://dns.google.com/) with socks proxy supported
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$ cnpm install dns-proxy-https 
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DNS proxy server over Google Public DNS with socks proxy supported

Give you a pollution-free and safe local DNS Server(,but maybe not so fast.


sudo npm install -g dns-proxy-https
sudo dns-proxy-https -s -p 1081
# sudo dns-proxy-https -s -p 1081 -l -t 5000
# sudo dns-proxy-https -s -p 1081 -l -t 5000 -w whitelist.txt

Then set your DNS Server to


Maybe you would like to have a whitelist of domains with your fallback DNS(such as to be CDN friendly.

There is already a list file for Chinsese user: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CodeFalling/dns-proxy-https/master/chainWhiteList.txt

You can download it and use with dns-proxy-https.



  -s, --socks_host string       Host of socks proxy(optional)
  -p, --socks_port number       Port of socks proxy(default 1080)
  -f, --fallback string         DNS to reslove Google DNS address once and
  -t, --cache_time number       Cache time(ms, Default 300000)
  -w, --whitelist_file string   Whitelist file contains domains to reslove by
                                fallback directly

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