Download npm packages as .tgz files in order to be used in private npm repository
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$ cnpm install dlnpm 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.


Download npm packages as .tgz files in order to be used in private npm repository (such as Nexus).


Use npm to install this tool.

npm i dlnpm -g

How To Use

Run dlnpm from command line.

  -p, --package <value>  node module package to download.
  -v, --ver <value>      the version of the node module specified. Default: Latest.
  -V, --version          output the version number.
  -i, --ignore <value>   ignore list filename.
  -l --log               verbose log.
  -h, --help             output usage information.

dlnpm will download the npm package specified by the -p option and all of its depedencies (including development dependencies). The packages will be downloaded as .tgz files which should be copied to your private npm repository.



First release. Buggy and not all options were implemented.


Fixes bug where in some situations packages files were created but not downloaded (files were sized 0Kb). The solution uses curl which is not a good solution, but a good one will come soon.


Support the -i --ignore option.

Download packages asynchronically still doesn't work :(


Minor fix with the npm packging.

Ignore list

The ignore list file lists all the dependencies we don't want to process and download. Usually used in order to maintain a list of modules we already downloaded. The file should be a text file in the format of packge-version in each line. for example:


When ignore list is used, a file named DL.TXT will be created with the new modules downloaded. This should be added to a future ignore list file.

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