Decentralized DigitalBits web client.
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DigitalBits Portal

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DigitalBits portal is a decentralized web app to access DigitalBits Network. It does not require any backend and only use Horizon API.


DigitalBits Portal is a decentralized web application to access the DigitalBits Network. Its goal is to provide people full control over account and make most of operations through it, without the need of a backend, by only using Horizon API.

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Example account

You can try the app on an example account at this address:


Here is a list of currently working features:

  • Viewing account balances
  • Add/Remove a trustline
  • Send a direct or path payment
  • Issue asset
  • Create/Merge account
  • List and edit account offers
  • Consult orderbooks, i.e existing bids/asks for a pair of assets
  • List account payments and path payments sent/received
  • Switch between test or public network
  • Create account on testnet
  • Native application

You can either enter a public key or a private seed, and either enter in view or edit mode.

Native application

We have built the application with Electron for Linux, macOS, and Windows. You can download them on the Releases page.


Main view screenshot

TODO features

  • Electron desktop app
  • Manage multiple accounts with labels and types (personal, issuer, market maker...)
  • Send to federation addresses
  • Propose to the user a list of recommanded anchors
  • Allow to buy and watch orderbook of trade for untrusted assets
  • Expand views and order/limit tables (offers, payments)
  • Show QR codes
  • Add memo to operations
  • Dataviz with useful graphs about the market
  • All the other Horizon stuff not implemented yet ;)


When you enter your keys in the app, nothing is sent to any server, it is only kept locally. We don't rely on any backend to store your keys. The privacy of your data is left to the browser that you use.

It is planned to store accountIds and keys into the local storage for returning user, which will be encrypted by a password.

Bugs and ideas

If you see any bug or have any idea about things to add or change, feel free to contact me or post an issue.


Librairies used

  • React + Redux
  • DigitalBits JS SDK
  • Semantic-UI


  • Node.js >= v6.1
  • NPM >= v3.1


$ npm install


$ # Development
$ npm run dev
$ # Build into ./build
$ npm run build

Work to do

Full digitalbits implementation

There are some important DigitalBits features that are not implemented on this application, we aime to cover everything we can do with Horizon.

Market visualisation

One of the great features would be making trading as easy as possible, for example, visual trading (by clicking on the graph) would be amazing. This feature will need an extra backend. Account data will still be stored in browser, backend would only be for public data aggregation.

Browser extension

As said above, Metamask from ethereum project is a good example of this kind of app. It is a Chrome extension that holds multiple wallets and allow to make transactions on the network. Its particularity is that it injects web3 into every tab so that any webapp can act with user's wallets.

Such extension would be useful if websites like exchanges, stores or remittance accept this protocol.


Indeed, the app would need to be available in several languages.


If you have any suggestions or ideas about anything above, feel free to share them !

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