An HTTP proxy designed to speed local development of web applications running from other environments (like Rails).
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$ cnpm install dev_proxy 
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Dev Proxy

An HTTP proxy designed to speed local development of web applications running from other local development environments (like Rails).

Dev Proxy is basically a reverse proxy with caching built in, running on a Node.js server, with simple to use caching and reverse proxy configurations.

Note: Dev Proxy is a command line tool for Mac and Linux.


Use NPM to install Dev Proxy for use on the command line globally:

sudo npm install -g dev_proxy

Full Documentation

Documentation is available on the project home page at

How it Works

Dev Proxy initializes a project by creating a config file in your home directory, inside a hidden ~/.dev_proxy directory, creating the hidden directory if it does not already exist. It then reads the proxy server URI, target URI, file glob patterns, URL match patterns, and white list configurations from there. Example config files can be found in the 'examples/' directory.

Start Dev Proxy by moving into your project directory and running


That's it! Dev Proxy will create a config file for your project inside ~/.dev_proxy/ with the same name as your project folder. You might want to have a look at the config file to make some changes and restart Dev Proxy if you need to make any.

Once running, Dev Proxy will cache all HTTP requests (which have been whitelisted) in memory. When you make changes to one of your watched files or folders, Dev Proxy uses your configuration settings to 'bust' the appropriate cached HTTP URLs so those requests will get the latest versions on the next page load.

For more information, visit the Dev Proxy home page.

Copyright and License

Copyright: (c) 2014 by Kris Walker (

Unless otherwise indicated, all source code is licensed under the MIT license. See MIT-LICENSE for details.

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