Monitor round-robin clusters on OpenStack Designate
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$ cnpm install designate-rr-monitor 
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An OpenStack Designate service monitor and round-robin DNS record manager. It allows you to check a series of servers, and update the round-robin record to include only those that are available.

You will need to do the usual source ~/ before using it, or ensure that OS_AUTH_URL, OS_TENANT_NAME, OS_USERNAME and OS_PASSWORD are in the environment.

  designate-rr-monitor [OPTIONS] <record>

  -d, --delete BOOLEAN   Delete all records
  -p, --port [NUMBER]    TCP port to check (Default is 80)
  -s, --servers STRING   whitespace-delimited list of servers (which may use 
                         brace expansion) 
  -w, --watch BOOLEAN    Monitor for changes after first check
  -k, --no-color         Omit color from output
      --debug            Show debug information
  -h, --help             Display help and usage details

For example, to do a one-off record update:

designate-rr-monitor -s "server-{01..04}"

To do an update, then continue watching:

designate-rr-monitor -w -s "server-{01..04}"

To delete all records:

designate-rr-monitor -d

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