Transform node.js dependencies into a directed graph.
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$ cnpm install deps2dag 
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Transform your JS dependencies into a graph.


Install with npm

npm install --save deps2dag

Example (CLI):

deps2dag -i "node_modules/**/*" -i "test/**/*""**/*.js"

CLI Options

  Usage: deps2dag [options] [globs...]


    -h, --help                   output usage information
    -V, --version                output the version number
    -i, --ignore [ignoreGlob]    A glob file pattern to ignore. This option can be used more than once to ignore multiple patterns.
    -o, --outfile [outfile]      A path to write the JSON results. This option can be used more than once for multiple outfiles. If none are specified, prints to stdout.
    --babylon-plugins [plugins]  Comma separated list of babylon plugins to use.

Example (JS):

import deps2dag from 'deps2dag';

const babylonPlugins = ['jsx'];
const srcFiles = ['a.js', 'b.js', 'c.jsx'];
deps2dag(srcFiles, babylonPlugins)
  .then(graph => console.log(graph))
  .catch((err) => {

Usage (JS):

deps2dag(srcFiles, babylonPlugins = [])


  • srcFiles - Paths to the source files from which the dependency graph should be constructed. These will be parsed using babylon. This array must include all source files used in the application. Otherwise, if a dependency is found to a file not specified in srcFiles then an error will be thrown.
  • babylonPlugins - The raw plugins list that will be passed to Babylon. You should make sure that this list matches the plugins you use in your .babelrc. As of this writing, the options are:
  • jsx
  • flow
  • doExpressions
  • objectRestSpread
  • decorators (Based on an outdated version of the Decorators proposal. Will be removed in a future version of Babylon)
  • classProperties
  • exportExtensions
  • asyncGenerators
  • functionBind
  • functionSent
  • dynamicImport


Published under the MIT License.

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