A slack bot ( that can interact with deluge.
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$ cnpm install deluge-slack-bot 
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A slack bot ( that can interact with deluge. Currently it can add torrents (with cookies if needed!), notify when torrent has started and notify when a torrent is complete.



$ npm install deluge-slack-bot

Should now be installed in node_modules/deluge-slack-bot/.


Clone the repo

$ git clone
$ cd deluge-slack-bot
$ npm install


$ sudo apt-get install nodejs

Due to a conflict with another package called "node" on Ubuntu systems you may need to run the following commands afterwards to make sure node will refer to nodejs

$ cd /usr/local/bin; sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs node


Insert your token into a token.txt file (in same directory the index file is in) or into the script. You can create a slack bot here: and after the creating the bot you will get the token.


Run the bot with node using simply

$ node index.js


If you installed from Github you'll have the coffeescript files instead of NodeJS files. You can run the script using:

$ node_modules/coffee-script/bin/coffee

or simply

$ coffee

if you have "coffee" globally installed.


The bot can be on any channel you invite him to. To add torrents you can use the "deluge add" command, e.g.

deluge add

The bot will get the torrent file (using cookies if you defined some in your cookies.json file), and add the torrent into the deluge web ui.


  • Make sure deluge web ui can have write access on dlAdded.log and dlComplete.log, you want to use that feature.
  • If you need to use cookies (e.g. to download torrents from private trackers), add a cookies.json using the format:
	"": "uid=1234;pass=xxxx;",
	"": "uid=1234;pass=xxxx;",
	"": "h_sl=aaaa;h_sp=bbbb;h_su=cccc;"


(MIT license)

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