Calculates the difference between two dates
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$ cnpm install date-difference 
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Most of the solutions don't take into account a case that fails when the two dates involved go across a daylight saving change. In this case, the date on which day light saving change happens will have a duration in milliseconds which != 10006060*24, so the typical calculation will fail.

This function returns the difference between two dates represented in a specific format => 34y 338d 4h 8m 7s


=> npm install -save date-difference

var dateDifference = require('date-difference');

dateDifference(new Date('7/1/2015'), new Date('7/1/2016'));
=> '1y'

dateDifference(new Date("1980-07-01T03:00:00"), new Date("2015-05-27T07:08:07"));
=> '34y 338d 4h 8m 7s'

// compact option
dateDifference(new Date("2015-04-25T12:00:00"), new Date("2015-04-25T16:01:23"), {compact: true});
=> '~4h'


=> npm install --global date-difference

  => date-difference --help
  Calculates the difference between two dates
    date-difference <firstDate> <secondDate> [--compact]
    echo <firstDate> <secondDate> | date-difference
   date1 = new Date("2015-01-25T12:00:00");
   date2 = new Date("2015-03-05T04:01:23");
   date-difference date1 date2
   => 38d 16h 1m 23s
    --compact    Only show the first unit


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