A JavaScript library for interacting with daostack-arc ethereum smart contracts

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Mission Statement

DaoStack-Arc-Js is a javascript library providing access to DAOStack Arc ethereum smart contracts (Daostack-Arc).

Daostack-Arc is a widely open collaboration to build the basic framework for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) through bootstrap, or dogfooding. Find the DaoStack-Arc repository here.


Contributions and pull requests are very welcome. Join us on Slack.

If you want to contribute to the code, check out CONTRIBUTING.md.

Arc Configuration

The default configuration settings for Arc can be found in config/default.json, they are:

  "providerUrl": "http://localhost:8545",
  "network": "kovan", // Options are 'homestead', 'ropsten', 'rinkeby', 'kovan'
  "gasLimit": [a number like 6015000]

If you want to override these default configuration settings you can add an arc-js.config.json file to your project. Any values set there will override the above defaults. You can pass in a path to a different file using a --arcConfigFile pathToFile command line argument, or setting environment variable arcConfigFile=pathToFile.

You can also override these settings on the command line or through environment variables, with command line arguments taking precedence over environment variables which take precedence over the arc-js.config.json config file.

The configuration object uses the nconf library so you can override configuration settings at runtime with:

import { config } from 'daostack-arc-js';
config.set('network', 'ropsten');

Command line:

node yourprojectindex.js --gasLimit 7000000

Environment variable:

gasLimit=7000000 node yourprojectindex.js

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