A small utility that watchs files for changes and reload a web page.
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$ cnpm install dandelion 
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Dandelion is a small utility that watches files for changes and reload the webview or browser automatically. This is particularly useful when debugging webviews inside native apps.


Install Dandelion using npm:

$ [sudo] npm install -g dandelion


First you need to include live-reload.js in your HTML file. You can find live-reload.js in this repository under src/.

    <script src="live-reload.js"></script>

Then change to your project directory, and run dandelion watch. Now whenever you make a change to any file in the directory, the browser or webview will auto reload.

As a bonus, Dandelion also compiles CoffeeScript files into JavaScript for you.

If you run into port conflicts, remember that Dandelion listens on port 9485 for file changes. At this moment you can't run two instances of Dandelion at the same time.


Dandelion is released under the MIT license.

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